FA Cup MUFC not on TV


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5 Dec 2017
MUFC fans must be peeved, they will have to go to tonight's game v Derby as it's not been selected for UK TV for the first time in 50odd FA Cup games!

Unless the fans find a dodgy foreign Stream ?
Next game will be - Yeovil vs. Man U is exactly the sort of fixture the TV companies love for the early rounds of the cup (and, to be fair, with good cause - it's what the competition should be about in the 3rd/4th rounds).

You could probably also guarantee that they'll show Newport vs. Spurs, Cardiff/Mansfield vs. Man City & Norwich/Chelsea vs. Newcastle as well.

If they need a fifth game, they may be in trouble though because pickings are slim with that draw!
Peterboro v Leicester as they surely will beat fleetwood

if Wigan and west ham win that's a possible

bbc showing chelsea replay with Norwich zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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