Conference Monkey hangers overstretched!


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6 Dec 2017
Hartlepool on the verge of going bust apparently? ....unable to post the link at the moment....... if the story is correct couldn't sky sports football anchor man tap up his boss for a few quid? ....there again sky's Murdoch would probably prefer all lower n non league clubs go out of business to maximize his income from screening prem matches:mad:
The save Hartlepool bandwagon is hitting top gear.
Tomorrows game is a sell out(1,000 Middlesbrough fans are going)
A Crowdfunding page has raised £60k
A great effort by everyone.
New owners are a distinct possibility in the near future.

While i would hate to see any club to go down the pan,Hartlepool really have made their own bed.
They had 3 winding up orders petitions against them last season,so the club obviously were not on a sound financial footing as a football league team.

Relegation leaves you with 2 options,go with kids and risk the conference North,but get the club on a sound financial footing,or go all out for promotion.

The bigger clubs like Oxford,Luton,Bristol etc,with decent crowds, will always go for option 2.
Clubs with a smaller fan base,usually opt for option 1.
Hartlepool went for bust,retaining 29 full time players !
The gamble didn't last 6 months.

I hope the clubs survives for the fans,but sometimes when you see a club mismanaged this badly,you think "you deserve all you get"

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