Missing Thai Football Team


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Found after 9days stuck in a flooded cave system by British divers (y)

Was thinking, would be a good PR stunt if Tiger brought them over to Oufc for some training and a game with the youth team etc.


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According to the news this morning they might need to stay down there for up to FOUR MONTHS until the water goes down. Difficult to imagine how they will deal with that either physically or mentally - I'm sure our thoughts are with them.


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Maybe better to get some stuff/money over there to support the rescue effort first might be a better idea

Marked Ox

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They may need to dive out!

Food and telecoms are being taken down to them.
That will be hard work considering it was hard for very experienced cave divers.

Must be a dilemma for the kids/coach considering some of them can't swim/never dived, against a deeply unpleasant and probably utterly terrifying thought of staying on that small ledge for months.

Utter respect to the 2 Thai Navy doctors who have volunteered to stay with the kids/coach for the duration of their stay.
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Colin B

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These rescuers are real heroes.

I think our footballers deserve every bit of adulation they're getting, and will rightfully be heroes in the eyes of the nation if they win the World Cup, but these guys are on a different level. I'm genuinely in awe of them.


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Latest from BBC now states that four are out and "in perfect condition" , while the other 9 are still at the original location. The mission is now on hold for a period and should resume in the morning (local time - 7 hours ahead of UK).


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How did they get there? What were they doing in a cave? How were they even found?
Tough one - maybe some could swim and others not and they got the swimmers out- if you are freaking out (cant swim) it becomes very dangerous for the rescuers. Maybe a general anaesthetic, put them into an air filled sack, and drag them through? Better for the mental health of them than to stay down there for months, which might not be an option anyway when the monsoon really comes. Reminds me of that swim on the sinking boat where they had to let themselves drown and be resuscitated once they had swam through. Some out of the box thinking required but hopefully home in time for tea.
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