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Missing Posters

Maurice Earp

Well-known member
6 Dec 2017
There are numerous posters over the years that have simply disappeared - where are they now, do we really care?
For example James Brownlie :eek::eek::eek:
Who else are not around, gladly missing or otherwise?
It's the name changers that throw me - can anyone post the aliases/multis used by the same posters ??
Monsiuer Onion (or something similar)
Charlies Ghost ;)
Godalming Yellow

All missed I reckon (!?)
I can confirm Monsieur Cliché is alive and well.:eek:;)

He is currently cycling through the badlands of the Russian Federation on his way to the Luzhniki Stadium to see his beloved French team destroy Denmark 1-0.

As usual he will be easy to spot amongst the Legion of French fans, sporting a blue and white hooped long sleeved T-shirt, a black beret (slightly jaunty angle), with several strings of onions draped around his neck.

Monsieur cliché informs me that there are no easy games in this World Cup and VAR is an a**e.
There have been some slightly odd ones. Was it Liverpool Ox why claimed to be a physio of a club somewhere?
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