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mentioned in dispatches


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6 Dec 2017
In today's Ox mail Pep Clotet column (nicked, cut n pasted below) Oxvox gets a favourable mention :)

If the manager is emphasising the importance of younger fans (as the future), it really does raise the question
as to why Mr Mixter is allowed to use an industrial hydraulic press to crack a walnut in his interpretation of ground regs, green guide etc in 'his' dealing with the Ultras on matchdays. Reel in Mr Mixter's bullying approach, whether intentional or not, at OUFC!

IT is great that today is our 'Family Away Day' with the club offering free coach travel for under 15s.

We work very hard to attract young fans and I remember the excitement of travelling to new grounds and seeing new places when I was a kid.

But it’s not all about today, it is about trying to ensure that the next generation of fans grow up supporting their local football club.

Well done to everyone who made this happen – Liontrust and OxVox in particular – and I hope we can add to the experience by giving them something to cheer about.
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