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Members interim update

Brief? Could say......... a long way of saying not a lot. Short of a desire to stoke a fire, would it not be better to say nothing as "we" know nothing rather than speaking and removing all doubt?
Don't agree with that EY. Personally I am glad to know that OV have asked the questions.

The first one (about Bakrie) seems like Tiger has said there's nothing in it so they got an answer there. Hopefully the club will soon let us know why the dog ate their homework on the HMRC question...

If they hadn't asked, people on here would be asking why not!
I would rather have waited a few days and got something factual rather than "fluff".
Simple answer about HMRC such as "It will be paid by this date & wasn`t paid because...".
I care not who Thohir has his picture taken with & nor should anyone else be dragged into "social media speculation" or fakenews!
Just waiting for claims that OxVox have been hoodwinked, or even lied to.

They've asked Thohir about the photo and any link to future investment. Thohir has answered those questions. Short of applying thumb screws or waterboarding the Chairman, what more could OxVox have done?

I don't see how Thohir benefits from misleading the Supporters' Trust. He could simply have offered 'no comment' if he wanted to be difficult.
Just to be pedantic Pete, unless you know something different the Oxvox update never said it was Thohis who made those remarks and there is not even a quote from Tiger to say that it was his words either, it is a little open ended.
Its good that Oxvox do see their role to ask questions, I also hope they ask the difficult ones as well and not worry of upsetting their line of communication with the club.
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