Meh-ry Christmas?


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6 Dec 2017
What do you really think about Christmas? Over hyped waste of money? Party central? A chance to score a few brownie points with the Mrs? Everyone has a different perspective on it but does it live up to the hype? I personally find it bloody annoying that people start putting on their Christmas lights in November! But hey...
The time with friends and family is good. I'm glad we aren't at home on Boxing Day this year as it means more relaxed and longer socialising and a lazier recovery morning ;).

It's impossibly overhyped nowadays and I cannot believe how much money some people waste spend on their kids. One friend spends about £500 per child even though most of the tat they buy becomes an expensive paperweight or dumped in a landfill by June.
Some of it is good (football/family etc) but most of it is to be endured, especially the run up to Christmas with fake bonhomie and commercialisation that is shovelled in to everything. Christmas is for kids basically.

New year used to be good but I'm too old now. :(
I’ve always liked Christmas Day getting together with family and Boxing Day going to watch the u’s but going to give it a miss this year because of the early kick off and the fact it’s a horrible place for away supporters to watch football.
So Boxing Day with the family again and radio Oxford
It's best when you have young kids in my view. It's good when there is a good home Boxing Day game as well .....
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