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Big ask I know but if there's three Cheltenham tickets up for grabs please give me a shout.

Edit - only 2 required now if possible
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Speaking about tickets, does someone know when the half season tickets will be available? I've asked to the ticket office, and they spoke about end of this month. So if someone is in the know ,I'll be happy to get an answeršŸ˜‰
I still have one adult ticket available for Cheltenham if anyone is able to collect from ox4 this week or trusts the post office to get it to them in time. Face value (26 pounds, the robdogs!).
Evening all. I have a spare adult ticket going for Cheltenham Saturday.
Behind the goal.
Iā€™m from ox10. Am in and around Oxford Tuesday evening.

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I've got one for myself but my dad would also love to come so if anyone has a spare still please pm me
Looking for 1 adult ticket for Cheltenham away, please. DM me if you have one available and will sort out payment /collection details. Thanks!
Anyone got a Spare for Narm? Bicester area ideally but happy to travel to collect
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