March 1st 1982.


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15 Dec 2017
Major events happening around that time.

ON 1 MARCH 1982
Jim Smith is appointed manager of Oxford Utd
Argentina are poised to invade the Falkland Islands
Deeleyboppers become the latest fashion accessory
The Jam are at number one with 'A Town Called Malice'
The 48k ZX Spectrum is the biggest selling home computer in the UK

My memory is fading,i remember 4 out of 5,but WTF were "Deeleyboppers" ?
I thought exactly the same.

Were they those stupid baubles on sticks that people wore on their heads as some sort of "amusing" accessory?
I saw Jim’s first match in charge at Ashton Gate, Bristol City from the home end a few
days after he was appointed.

From memory the away end was uncovered then and it was hosing it down that day.

We won 2-0.
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