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Manager Power


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7 Dec 2017
Apologies for starting another thread on the current failings at our club and where the responsibilities lie but I do think this point is worthy of its own discussion: Does Robinson have too much power at the club?

In his latest OM interview he says that coaching the team makes up just 10% of what he does. Surely with our current league position he should be devoting 100% of his time to it. The current situation clearly isn’t working.

He also states - again - several times about building the club up again from scratch ( why exactly isn’t clear) and his apparent leading role in the project. I’ve thought for some time that his role at the club covers far more than that of just a manager or coach, due to Tigers absence and the apparent lack of any management structure. To me, Robinson’s latest comments seem to back this up.

My question therefore, is two fold

Is it healthy for a manager to have such power and control in areas above team management in the clubs structure?

Does Robinson have the right temperament to make a success of it?

I’m not saying it’s his fault necessarily. He could be the victim of Tigers failings, but something clearly isn’t working at the moment.
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