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Man City tickets for sale


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7 Dec 2017
Majorly pissed off that I can't go now due to work commitments

Face value ticket for sale, print at home, block 26.
Another Man City ticket has become available as I can't go. One ticket in the expensive seats in the South Stand Upper in central section. Contact me if you are interested.
I have one at the back middle of the east stand available, pm me if interested, will need to be picked up from barton or blackbird leys, depending on whats easier for you
I have a Young Person's ticket available (21 and under) for the East Stand. Face value (£14) - DM to arrange pick up, probably at the turnstile about an hour before kick off.
East stand ticket for sale, £22 which is what I paid for it. Electronic ticket so I can email it. Let me know if interested
I have a young adult, 18-21, ticket that is now available if anyone wants it.
East stand, row F, right side.
£14 as paid.
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