Lucky superstitions?


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8 Dec 2017
Does anybody have superstitions they stick to before home games or any games?

On match days I have to drink out of my Oxford Mug, my grandson wears his kit and he is 2, home games I always go through gate 1 if it’s open, buy my half time 50 ticket from the same person, usual stuff.

Grew a goatie in November, now unable to shave it off until we win a game in 90 minutes, wife hates it.

Perhaps it’s just me.
Given this year's form, may I suggest you change your superstitions post haste?
errr, yes.... have a whole host of superstions/ rituals pre match....especially pre home games Im able to go to .... but, if I share em, it may nullify their effectiveness ? :unsure:

I worry that any deviation from my meticulously planned pre (home) match rituals could have an adverse effect on my teams performance/ result:oops:

Which is why I really dont like fans forums being shoehorned into an, at best, 1 hour slot pre any home game.... and I dont think intrusive pre match fans forums have had any positive effect on the teams fortunes on the days they were held?:sneaky:
I always tap the Plaque to Andrew Napton on the way in, I used to stand next to him at the Manor and I've tapped it to say hello mate since I moved back to the Left Side.
Yes, I don't generally go to games, in case I 'jinx' us and we don't win, and on the rare occasions I do go we don't win either
This season I have Glen, at the Blackbird, prepare a little breakfast for my agent and myself. Obviously Glen is a stickler for seasonal and local ingredients (he's always happy to advise on foraging in the Leys and it's environs while serving that pre-match pint, so do ask) so the menu varies a bit. Notwithstanding that, the 'Bird does a really good all-day breakfast so it's important to get your orders in early - I usually pop in around closing time on Friday with my order.
I try and avoid exposure to consecutive numbers - I will try and avoid seeing anything where the numbers run in order.

If I look at my watch and it is 12.34pm or the timer on the running machine in the gym reads 12.34 when I look at it - I know we are bu&&ered and go home!

I live in south London and regularly find myself driving on the A234 - always a bad day!!!

Even writing this message has probably invoked no end of misfortune!!
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