Lowe challenge on Hanson


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24 Dec 2017
From the East Stand yesterday it looked a red. Running towards the opponent and then leading with the elbow. Ref gave a yellow.
Just seen it on the highlights and surely it is a clear red?
If we give the ref the benefit of doubt that perhaps from his position he couldn't see the lead by elbow, BUT SURELY the 4th official had a perfect view being 10 yards away, and at a different angle to the ref with full vision of Lowe's run towards Hanson.
So why didn't the 4th official advise the ref accordingly and say it was a clear red? Is he allowed to? or did he chicken out?
From the ssu looking straight at it it’s a clear red. The ref ran over and clearly had his hand on the red card but then stopped as if he heard something in his ear hen quickly changed to a yellow. Either way, we are lucky that it was not a serious injury to our man.
Looked an absolutely obvious straight red from the SSU. Lowe caught Hanson square on the jaw very late with a clear elbow. Hanson wasn't down for long but it definitely could've been a lot worse. Makes you laugh when that type of 'challenge' is a adjudged as deserving the same punishment as a shirt pull.
I've seen United all the way up and all the way down again. Believe you me when you're at the top you get away with murder. When you're at the bottom you get clobbered for nothing. In the view of referees those at the top must be playing football and wouldn't need to do a real foul. Those at the bottom are just a bunch of cloggers or they wouldn't be at the bottom.

It was a red all the wat.
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