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Liverpool v PSG


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7 Dec 2017
Did anybody watch that tonight?
Extraordinary game. PSG didn't really look interested.
It's ok having 3 forwards like that but they didn't see. Up for it and you need quality in midfield as well.
The PSG supporters seemed to outsing Liverpool throughout.
Based on that PSG gave little chance of winning The CL this season.
Yes I did.

Liverpool deserved the win with a good finish for winner by Firmino. If they had taken their chances it would have been comfortable. Milner, Mane, Sturridge and Alexander-Arnold were excellent as was Thiago Silva for PSG, whom without him would have been overrun. Salah had a poor game by his standards. Neymar was utterly rubbish tonight.

It's ok PSG having the likes of Neymar, Cavani and M'Bappe as the forward line but if they don't cover back/defend then better teams will always have a good chance against them. Liverpool had so much space in midfield at times it was ridiculous allowing Alexander-Arnold and Robertson to bomb forward from fullback. PSG could have had 3 defensive midfielders playing (ie. 1 not being Angel Di Maria) and they'd have still been overrun. Agree on their attitude as well, it was weird with only half the players (such as Silva, M'Bappe) seeming to care.

Being in the French League and having far less quality opposition really isn't helping PSG.
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