Level Playing Field - survey on facilities for disabled fans


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6 Dec 2017
The disability sporting charity Level Playing Field have been in touch to ask us to encourage Yellows fans to take part in their yearly end of season survey.

The survey is closing in a week's time, on Sunday 20th June. After this, they will publish the overall results, and we have asked them to provide an aggregated summary of the results from Yellows fans.

Here is the link to the survey: http://bit.ly/lpf-survey-21

We're pleased to support Level Playing Field who describe themselves as a registered charity campaigning for an inclusive matchday experience and equal access for all disabled sports fans in England and Wales.

If the survey is of interest to you, we'd like to encourage you to participate. It covers many issues of relevance to disabled fans and your involvement will help to provide a national picture.

Trevor L

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11 Dec 2017
I've received the update below from Liam Bird from Level Playing Field.
See the link below for their survey report. I've asked for a summary of replies from our fans and will post it when received.


Level Playing Field’s annual fan survey results are now live. This is the most in-depth survey in the charity’s 22-year history, with just over 1400 responses from disabled supporters.

You can download the survey summary report here: https://bit.ly/3Avf9Po

It contains several suggestions for clubs to improve their facilities and services and can be a helpful tool for your supporter groups. The whole focus of the report is to raise awareness about the barriers that disabled supporters face and how these can be overcome in different ways.

Key findings include:

  • 30% of respondents stated that there were sports or sporting venues that they felt unable to attend due to poor access for disabled supporters.
  • 25% of respondents said that ‘anxiety or lack of confidence’ was a barrier when attending live sport.
  • Following lengthy restrictions on attending live sport due to the pandemic, 73% of the supporters surveyed said they would want to attend a match ‘right away’ once permitted.
  • The top 3 covid measures that fans wanted in place when returning were:
    • Hand sanitising stations
    • Handwashing facilities
    • Mask wearing (bar exemptions)
Thanks to everyone who helped to publicise the survey. These results will serve to drive change towards better access and inclusion for disabled sports fans. In future years, as we run our annual survey again, we will be able to compare results, giving us a much clearer understanding of the matchday experience of disabled fans.


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7 Dec 2017
Thanks for the update.

Fancy toilets, hygiene and similar topics featuring highly!!!

@Manorlounger .......... another FC "note"..... basics!

#maslow ;)
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