Lest we forget ....

Pete Burrett

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6 Dec 2017
Yes, sorry. this is another thread about extremist intolerance.

Police investigating extreme right-wing activity in the UK have arrested men of 17, 21 and 18 years old on suspicion of terrorism offences. The investigation relates to alleged activity by a neo-Nazi group called the Sonnenkrieg Division.

Three very young men who presumably don't know their history and think it's OK to hold attitudes and hatreds that mirror those of Hitler's Nazis. Are the younger generation unaware of extremist atrocities - both left and right - played out over the years, or is it all just 'boring history' that they don't associate with their own activity? Do these same people wear poppies with pride on Armistice Day, not realising the significance of what's being commemorated?

I'd like to hear them interviewed to explain their beliefs, but I guess logical thinking and even the ability to talk eloquently is probably beyond them.
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