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Les Robinson testimonial

I am hopinmg to go.

I reckon 1500 would be a good turnout
I am volunteering. I am looking forward to it. I am concerned about the attendance though. Les was a loyal servant but not a cult hero AKA Joey B, or local born etc...
Now not going even though tickets purchased as my lift forgot it was a 2pm kick off. :(
How are we playing, what's the lineup?
40 min each way due to heat

just shy of 2k attendance

0-0 at halftime ...Paul Kee pulled off a couple of decent saves to keep it 0-0

Beano is amongst the paying punters

squads are:
Oxford United Legends: Paul Kee, Les Robinson, Matt Elliott, Darren Purse, Phil Gilchrist, Liam Robinson, Stuart Massey, James Williams, Chris Allen, Joey Beauchamp, Matt Murphy

Liverpool Legends: Kevin Pilkington, Tommy Price, Alan Kennedy, Mark Wright, Cameron Gilchrist, Paul Byrne, Jimmy Carter, John Durnin, Michael Thomas, Mark Walters, Paul Walsh.
I’m sure I heard that KR was going to play for a while?
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