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League 2 play off final


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6 Dec 2017
75 mins played, both Newport and Tranmere haven't scored as yet

currently 0-0 with possession more even than the 2016 Brexit referendum
Cant wait for the League ! final between Charlton and Sunderland tomorrow...

couldnt locate a league 2 play off thread.... there IS a playoff final thread Ive since 'found'
... cant type properly in this heat me :rolleyes:
Newport down to ten men...still goalless into extra time. Pretty boring really Think the only excitement might be opening my second bottle or penalties. ??
Was there for work.

Honestly can’t see Tranmere troubling the league much next season. Newport were the better side I thought
Tranmere looked like us early in the season. Lots of build up play and then giving the call away too easily. Norwood would trouble some l1 defences.
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