L1 Summer Transfers 2018

Not much change over the past week or so.
1 club has made 7 signings, 1 club 6, 3 clubs have 5, 2 clubs have 4, 1 has made 3, 6 other clubs have signed a couple each. We are one of 6 clubs that have only 1 signing so far and the remaining 4 clubs have 0.
Very decent signing by Peterborough!
With all their additions, I'm wondering about some of Posh's existing players. I particularly liked Gwion Edwards formerly of Crawley who has great skill and superb energy levels. Fits the club's DNA.


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Tactically yes. Financially yes but stew does love an ex oxford player
Really? I thought he was excellent for Bury last season. Cut above the 22 on the pitch.
Did you watch any of his other games perchance?

Bury feedback would suggest those two games against were something of an anomaly in terms of Chris’s performance levels.

Still fuming that we gave that shower six points!!
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