General Kashi 4 game ban


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6 Dec 2017
2 game carry forward to next season....
Last 2 games says time to move on.
Done a job this year but too leggy and slow
On EFL on quest after Monday’s game, it said he’s never been sent off before in his 11 year career, but twice this month.

Find that very hard to believe.
For me Kashi is good playing in a two in a 4-2-3-1 with Brannagan we saw the best of him there & a good partnership worked well together

As a holding CM in a 4-3-3 formation against Charlton he looked out of his comfort zone & looked slow to react
I think he's one of those players who needs to be playing every week. If he has a break for any reason it looks as if he has to rebuild his form over a couple of games. His rhythm and timing in particular seem to go.
I doubt he would ever have seen a second half ? and with Whitehurst up the other end, we'd be finishing most games with 9 men!

That tackle on Rougvie, never knew a man could fly so far ?

Les Phillips and Malcolm Shotton wouldn't have made the 2nd half either. The tackle by Les Phillips on David Speedie, in a similar vein to the one on Rougvie, also sticks in my mind. 2 of some of the greatest tackles I've seen.
I wonder how many times Sir Gary Briggs would be yellow carded in 50 games of today's namby pamby football
Going back a few years one of the daily papers ran a feature on the hardest man in football , if memory serves, rambo had more red cards than any one else at the time. Gary Briggs was according to the feature the hardest man in football .....only played for 3 clubs Middlesbrough, us & Blackpool ....spent most his career at the manor...rambo wouldnt last 5 mins before he got sent off these days.
One of my fave players of all time he is
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