Just back from Shrewsbury......

Awful weather, awful conditions, awful result.....
How many times can we rely on Simon Eastwood to keep us games, well up to a point anyway.
We don’t start games well, our opposition must sense this as it happens far too often.
Possession football is all well and good as long as there is an end product, we are not direct enough and we do not give the opposition defenders more things to worry about. Get the ball wide put the bloody thing in the box, pick up the 2nd ball and take some shots, something will happen if we keep probing and having strikes on goal.
Shrewsbury on more occasions than not played balls into dangerous areas often without looking for a team mate, however their remit must have been that as their front players and wide men ran all over the place, yes there were lost causes but when the pass came off we were often left with 3 against 3 or even 3 against 2.
Shrewsbury are not the best side we have seen this season however their direct approach and pace in key areas scare the hell out of defenders who do not have 100% concentration or understanding, which is currently where we are...
Rob Dickie will be a major asset, I would love to see him partner Curtis Nelson, our full backs are on loan so there’s an area to improve, playing Ruffles at Left back today didn’t works as he got sucked infieild too often which left us exposed,
We have flair and guile in midfield but possibly a little lightweight, Lego will run through a brick wall for us however you can see by some of his reactions with team mates he needs better players around him who will fight for the cause as much as him, Rothwell is a good player going forward, or so in the tackle to break play up.
Henry and Obika have lost all confidence and are in danger of ruining their careers.
Wes came on and just gets his head down and runs forward when the short ball is on then comes short when the ball has already been launched, he scored a poachers goal however he had no real contribution for the other 30 or so minutes he was on the pitch.
Today’s game should really have been over in the first half, the home side had at least 3 clear cut chances during this period and then a further 3 or 4 good chances in the 2nd half, take the tap in from Wes and the deflected shot from Rothwell I don’t really recall their keeper making any notable saves at all..
Fair play to the 700 or so Yellows who travelled, we deserve more that what our players are serving us at present and have been for the last 6 months....
The least they can do is get the 6 or 7 points in our remaining games to stay in this league...
The next 3 games that are at home have just become that little bit harder and crucial with us only picking up 1 point from the last possible 9...
Robinson has almost 1 full week now to make sure we are ready for the run in......


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Robinson has almost 1 full week now to make sure we are ready for the run in......
He has, but I struggle to think how much he can actually do with a squad where so many of the players are of very doubtful quality. Sure, he can try to motivate them (although some must know that they will be on their way at the end of the season), he can try to give them some self-confidence (not quite sure how he can do that!), he can try different formations (but then - like Ruffels today - you run the risk of the player being a square peg in a bloody great round hole) but apart from that ... ?

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For one, KR has 3 games of watching the team and knowing how players react. You can't replicate that experience on the training ground. He also knows that we've played 3 teams at the top of the league. As flawed as we are, the next 3 teams are as bad and maybe even worse.


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Problem with that is we have a historical habit of losing to teams at the bottom - except this season where we have a habit of losing to just about everyone 😣


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Getting nervous now.....May I remind everyone of our final fixtures:

Oldham - coming on form
Fleetwood - on form
Sarfend - coming on form
Wigan - Nuff said
Donny ....?

I really really hope it doesn't go down to those last two. Don't think I could take another Accrington swap....😳

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I went and wanted to wait before posting on here:

Firstly, surprised at the selection i.e Mehmeti starting in attack with Ruffs at left back.

After a decent start we soon came under a wave of pressure not helped by Mousinho
passing back and not not spotting Payne behind him. Shrews were pressing us
in midfield winning a massive % of the first and second balls with their combative style and their
bigger physical precence - an all too familiar story that was bound to end badly.

We were steamrollered after the break - we could not live with them. They had power, physicality,
strength and pace - everything we lacked ! We could have nicked a draw but after pulling one back at 2-3
just could not produce any quality. Thought Ledson was poor in midfield, Henry anonymous, ditto
Mehmeti who isn’t anywhere near being good enough. Both Kane and Ruffels targeted at fullback
and struggled. Mousinho too casual at times.

Luckily we won’t play a team at home with the power and quality of Shrewsbury - I warned that Nolan
and Godfrey would dictate and they duly did. Stefan Payne showed how to play the lone centre forward’s
role bullying our centre halves all afternoon.

We move on to Oldham which is simply a massive, massive match. We’ll see how good Robinson
is over the course of the next week and a bit! Need a big home support.
Indeed to much tappy tappy posession football. I want direct pig ugly but winning football. League 1 players cant play like Barca or Arsenal and shouldn't try.
Right now any win will do, route 1 or free flowing football I don’t care.

Long term I want to see a passing style of football. Appleton showed you can get out of league 2 playing attractive football.


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Put Martin up top then?
Even if its the last 5mins!
He's the only one with a bit of height and he could possibly win headers?
Think if we're safe come end of the season we should go one step further: start him and Williamson up front vs Blackburn


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I am disappointed to hear Henry played poorly as I think he has been one of our better players , of late. Mind you, thats not difficult!
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