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Ex Player Josh Murphy

Jeff Louis' half naked changing room celebration live on TV after scoring the winner against the scum, and then finding out we had drawn Arsenal in the next round gets legend status for me.
I also read that a two year deal from you took Josh M till he was 31, another year was too much and that he'd be too old but you took Vaulkes at 31 on a 2 year deal.

Hi Dave.

Will Vaulks has started 118 Championship/L1 games in the last 4 seasons.

Josh Murphy has started just 40 (forty) over the same period.

Hope that helps. 👍
Hi @pompeydave

when Murphy played he was stupendous. The previous manager didn't like him and wouldn' pick him and we were surpriosed that he went with Mous as he didn;t play much in his first season here- that was the implosion of Karl Robinson

however when he was picked by Des Buckingham he got better and better. best player i've seen in an Oxford shirt since Kemar Roofe i guess.

A lot of fans gave him grief when he was injured and as you can see a lot still don't like him. But I'm very sad to see him go. Seemed like anice fellow as well. Certainly well liked at the club,

We wouldn't have been promoted without his contribution, i've no doubt. A joy to watch.

Hope he does Ok with you and that we spend the money we didn't spend on him wisely.
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