League One John Coleman


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6 Dec 2017
Post match interview (Accrington V Luton) comes across as a real good bloke. Talks sense, realistic and honest. Has to work with peanuts and a pitch that looks like a poor version of your local village school field.

A refreshing change.

Sold a player, took him back on loan and were going to use the money to refurbish the changing rooms, now earmarked for a new pitch. Such is life outside of the Premiership. About time the EFL woke up and realised that selling the TV rights for sod all is a crime.
Yeah, Accy look to have cemented their League One spot for another year. That's a pretty good achievement given their scant resources.

And whisper it, but there's just a chance (if they don't beat Burton on the weekend) that Luton could need something out of the final game of the season.

Once we were worried that we'd need something to avoid relegation.....now there's a small chance that we could go there with an opportunity to **** up their promotion. How sweet would that be!?!
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