Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere

Hart's ego has not recovered from the last Euros or Guardiola telling him to leave City. He doesn't deserve to go to the WC and there are better and more hungrier keepers out there.
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About time old crocks and has beens were left out of the National squad.....good call on disguarding them both by Southgate
Hats off to Southgate - excellent call.

Some Man City fans I follow on Twitter were claiming he should have gone as the number three goalkeeper due to his experience.

Experience of what exactly? Repeatedly failing and playing badly in major tournaments whilst having terrible form which means he’s not there on merit? No ta.

I’d go with Pickford. Great distribution, great shot stopper and one for the future.
Definitely the right call on both of them.
Hart is a howling error in the waiting.
Wilshire is not a player who can dominate or score from midfield.

Best to let some of our young players get the chance to shine.
The writing has been on the wall for Hart for some time. It’s a shame as I think everyone knows he’s a good ‘keeper but not a truly top performer anymore. I think he’s tried the two main channels to recapture form – go abroad and to go out on loan – and neither have worked. Maybe a drop down into the Championship and to get a promotion under his belt may see some redemption?

As for Wilshere, thank goodness. I may be in a minority but I’ve never really rated him and I can’t recall anything of note he’s done for England. If England needed the treatment table being occupied, he’d be a shoo in.

I do smirk at the positive comments for Southgate at this stage. Every England manager has that honeymoon period where the fans applaud them for taking a new approach but it just won’t last. I reckon Southgate will be gone by the end of Euro 2020 after a group stage exit and a defeat to, say, Northern Ireland.
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