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League One Jimmy Floyd sacked

Now they don’t have their Chinese owners, maybe KT has taken a realistic view and is cutting his clothe accordingly with the realisation of div 2 next season.
They are already down effectively so it was an easy decision no doubt. Shouldn't have been allowed to be promoted from L2 in the first place.
Wasn’t a big surprise after results recently. Signed a three year contract in September so that will cost the cobblers.
Did a great job at Burton after much work by Nigel Clough

Actually whilst Cloughie took them out of non-league, it was Gary Rowett who laid the foundations of their march up the leagues.

He built the squad (including losing in the League Two playoffs twice) that then went on to get back-to-back promotions.

Jimmy F then took over and didn't mess it up. Which left many to think that he might be an excellent manager. His stints at QPR and Northampton have done a lot to dispell that idea! (as well as further bolstering Rowett's rep)
hopefully he is moving on to replace a**e N at Woolwich town. Would be good fit....;)
With respect to them and Wilder, they earned the right.

I'd never really looked at it that way, it's an interesting viewpoint.

It still doesn't feel right to me though, division 4 is a better fit for Northampton.
We all find our natural level eventually.

Clearly, we are still trying to find ours.
Why wait til their as good as down before sacking him. more to the point why employ him in the first place?
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