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Jack Payne

OxBible says he's going so we can safely look forward to him remaining until May at least!!!
While I'd be very wary of treating anything OxBible says as gospel - :) - the risk of a loan player leaving if he turns out to be any good is always a very real one. Whether back to his parent club or off to a loan elsewhere, perhaps higher in the pyramid. Of course, if he was rubbish there would be no chance of getting rid! It has always been my opinion that starting to rely on a loan player as a lynch pin of the team is a position that can very easily come back and bite you in January. Hopefully though, Huddersfield will be sensible enough to leave him be to complete to season with us.
Talented loan player from a Premier League club + various articles about said players performances being reviewed by the parent club + school holidays = He's definitely going back to Huddersfield.
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