Jack Payne - RECALLED

I see Huddersfield have signed Alex Pritchard described as an attacking midfielder for 12m (rumoured) pushing Jack further down the pecking order. Could/should we try and sign permanently?


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The only issue is that we have given Jack a free role which has only really worked when sacrificing a second striker. You need everyone else to be disciplined, which is why we've struggled when Hall or van Kessel have played.

Jack is a great player, as was Maguire, but their individual success can be at the expense of the team. If we are to get better players, we need to find away to fit Payne into the team before we splash out on him.
Jack has not been great in recent weeks. Whilst I have enjoyed watching him most of the time,
he has been guilty of giving up possession far too easily and running down too many blind alleys.

He must have a move lined up for him to be recalled by Huddersfield I would think.

We move on. Hope we keep Mowatt for the remainder of the season though.Class player
on Saturday’s showing.


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I reckon he's going to be sold. They've just signed a AM for £12m. Watch him end up somewhere like Barnsley or Wigan...

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On his day a brilliant player but if wasn't his day could be utterly anonymous.

Playing in a 4-4-2, he didn't really fit naturally so hopefully we can replace him with another wide player (unless Pep is going to use Napa more instead). This may free up Rob Hall more within the team should he get back from injury.

I thought I would be bothered by this but I'm a bit meh about it tbh and not bothered. The reason I think is it possibly opens the tactical options up. Now to re-sign Chris Maguire. :)
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