Transfer News Isaac Buckley-Ricketts - On loan


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Some much needed pace, I would assume.

An eye to a permanent move? Man City actually seem to have woken up to the idea of promoting their youth team in recent years.


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We badly needed some pace out wide.

I don't know too much about him so will look forward to what he can bring.

If we can get a full back in this window and keep what we have I'll be happy.

This season was always going to be difficult, we lost a very good manager and some good players. Looking forward to the second half of the season now.


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Nice to secure a loan. If Man City want to loan him out next season and he enjoys it here we could have first dibs for next season.

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Good news.

A good transfer window so far. Let's hope we can keep Lego and Clint with a new fullback as well (and maybe another forward being greedy) would be a fantastic transfer window.


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Hopefully making his debut tomorrow along with Brannagan at Walsall. Really looking forward to this game now.
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