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League One Ipswich

Been there a few times. When we lost 2-3 our crowd chanted there’s only one Tommy Cooper
Can see them being a team that doesn't bounce straight back. Could be a few years in the lower league wilderness.
We got the last laugh that season. Beat Arsenal last game to relegate Ipswich.
Sure did, for some reason that game was played after the end of the season for everyone else, would ever happen these days.
“Small town near Bury St Edmunds, your just a small town near Bury St Edmunds”...?
I have three friends who regularly go to see Ipswich, and they say they have great hopes for the young players coming through. Relegation has been coming for a few years.
Got a mate who's an Ipswich fan, he's absolutely livid to be playing the likes of Lincoln next year.
I expect Ipswich to be very competitive next year. They have a very productive junior set-up and I think have worked out where things have gone wrong (allowing too many experienced forwards move on at the same time). Despite having a Manager who isn’t as good as he thinks he is, expect them to do well.
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