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12 Dec 2017
Please could someone explain how this complex being works. I have signed up for the basic package. I simply want to know how to pay for tomorrow’s match, through the Match centre. I cannot find it anywhere. I don’t think they could have made it more complicated.
Thanks in advance.
If you are paying a subscription then you can log in watch highlights or interviews etc.
On matchday you can also go to match centre and click on the listen live button, roughly an hour before the game to the Radox build up and then the game.
Are you UK based and what are you trying to do? Watch the game via VPN? Listen to commentary? Watch highlights etc?

I agree, it's far from an intuitive design.
I have a VPN that I use to watch any matches I can’t make. It works well!
excuse my ignorance what is a vpn? is it related to a vpl!
My understanding is that it's not illegal, but probably against ToS. At worst you might lose access to the stream, but even that seems very unlikely to me.

From 2019/20 EFL clubs will be able to sell access to games directly to fans, as long as it's outside the usual Saturday 3pm time slot. So even UK based fans will be able to watch all midweek and bank holiday games online, without the hassle of having to create different accounts and use a VPN etc. It'll be interesting to see how it affects attendances.
Purchasing or using a VPN itself is completely legal.

What you may use it for might not be legal or against ToS
Ifollow app on my phone updated today, since when it no longer loads. I have been in touch with ifollow and apprently there is a known problem with android which they are working on, both with the app and accessing via the oufc website. For the timebeing we need to use a laptop/pc, ios phone or Ipad to access ifollow. May not be resolved before tomorrow's match.
Video just came on at the teams walked out.
FFS Ifollow!! now have the Walsall radio commentary overlapping the Oxford commentary ! What farce this thing is.

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