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I haven't listened in for a couple of weeks, but previously I could have the vision in one tab and the radio commentary in another. Today when I try. it won't let me - telling me I "can't play two streams concurrently". I've started a conversation with an "agent" about it. This is the first reply:

"The choice of whether or not to have commentary or neutral sound/crowd noise is one made by the club.
After consultation with fans some clubs to go with a natural sound/crowd noise experience.Since then there has been a lot of feedback from fans requesting commentary over matches and as such they may decide to change this in the future.
For more information I would suggest contacting the club directly"

Anyone else having this problem?
Yes, exactly the same, and this is the same message I got when contacting iFollow. Worse, however, I can't get video even without trying audio. Have gone now to just audio.


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Have you been able to do it before Jon? I just had a frustrating chat with this "agent", not helped by Oxford conceding. Apparently its the club's choice to not let us do both (even though I could do both for the last few months). Bah humbug
Yes, I was able to do it before, Chuckbert...by opening different tabs. No longer, and iFollow is blaming the club. I'll contact the club. Meanwhile, I can't watch the game at all...nothing but a black screen.


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I've just written to Chris Williams and Kath Faulkner.
The scoreline suggests that not seeing it would be a blessing. I can see it (unfortunately!), so I guess the video issue is specific to you, Jon?
Yes, I'm sure it's my problem, and not widespread. I've cleared the browser cache and cookies, which iFollow told me to do, and no joy at all. Actually some joy, because it does sound as though this is utterly awful. Still 4 goals in the second half would be an OK Christmas present.


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This is what I do.

My US account is used for visual. I use this on Chrome.

My UK account is used for audio. I use Safari on this. I find that if you're on a laptop rather than the app, the visual is before the audio, meaning you can just pause the visual and wait for the commentary to catch up. Then it's perfectly in sync!


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I find it very frustrating after enjoying both sound and picture on 2 tabs. If the current situation is set to continue next season I will seriously consider cancelling.

Or, Kamal, how do I get to use your a/c in the US. ;)


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Well the Trophy match at Gillingham had multiple camera angles, replays and commentary. This was for testing improvements for next season. Our next Trophy game should have this too.


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No reply yet. Anyone else fancy complaining too?

Kamal - I’m not really interested in having 2 accounts. I used to be able to do what you describe with my overseas account alone.
I've written several times to iFollow (and was just told that this is the club's decision, which seems idiotic--why would the club do this?), and have also (just now) written to Chris Williams at cwilliams@oufc.co.uk

Chuckbert--did you get any response when you wrote to him? I've found him to be pretty responsive in the past.
I got a very speedy response, saying that he'll write in more detail later (too tied up with matchday preparations), but noted that someone else had already written about this (that must have been you, Chuck), and that a number of things were being said about the club that weren't necessarily true!
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