Ian Radwell


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Ian Radwell died in hospital yesterday morning on the 10 January in Hospital. He was aged 53 and a life long U’s supporter and for a time a steward.
R.I.P. mate


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I worked with an Oxford fan by that name at Memec in Thame about 15 years ago. He was from Thame. I suspect this is the same fellow. Lovely bloke and very sad if it is indeed him. In fact very sad for anyone to go so soon.

Hi Bazzer,

Absolutely shocked at this and been struggling all week to think of the words, as I just can't believe this has happened. Especially after only seeing Ian at the Blackpool game the Saturday before last. I hadn't seen him for a while as due to work commitments this season I hadn't made as many games as I'd have liked so I'd no idea he'd been unwell.

Ian was without a doubt one of the friendliest, most down to earth and genuinely nicest people I've ever met and has been far more than just a friendly face at the football over the years. He had a wicked sense of humour and ever since I met him, he was always interested in what I got up to with studying and life in general away from watching Oxford matches and likewise me with him.

We kept in touch via Facebook when I was living in Sheffield and couldn't get to games as regularly and he often gave me some hilarious banter over pictures of nights out and other things that he'd seen on my page. Don't think I've met someone that's made me laugh quite as much in a long time!

This is so incredibly unfair but I feel extremely honoured and privileged to have known Ian Radwell growing up and all these years and going to football again really will never be the same without him there.

Thinking of Pam, Matthew and Harry and the rest of his family.. Love to them all!

Tom Thewlis
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