Chairman How long to stablise a stable club?


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5 Dec 2017
Off the back of the HMRC debacle. Tiger has been owner of the club for just short of 11 months.

When he took over, the only major issue was the court arbitration which was being dealt with by the then and current MD. The club was in a pretty stable position. How long would it take for a new owner to steady a steady ship?

With the state the club was in when Tiger took over, 11 months seems long enough to iron out any issues!
How can the club be considered stable at any point in time with such a chasm between the club's income and cost base?

The achievements by Ashton & Mapp through the "develop 'n' sell model" look stronger & better as time goes on. It is not without risk but they made it work and look easy.

Before that, we relied on IL to fund the club and K*$$*m was able to offset the losses against the revenues generated by the stadium and his Grenoble Road empire.

Now we really see the picture of what happens when the club is left to fend for itself with limited support from the owner - it's a complete financial basket case!
Its not dull supporting OUFC is it..... open, honest and transparent communications regularly would go a long way . Instead we get sound bites that mean nothing and assurances that in reality are empty promises... a million miles from the weekly ask ashton on radox of only a few years ago.... At the last oxvox open members meeting(november) there was a suggestion to revisit a similar type of regular radox uptate from OUFC , the M.D. said he'd look into setting it up and (yep true to type) would get back on that!. Like many other 'I'll get back to you's ', on a multitude of subjects from our M.D. he ,as yet, hasn't got back on that one... treating supporters,who are paying customers, like mushrooms is not what's needed, and certainly not now
What an absolute shambles we are on and off the pitch. Blimey I didn’t think it could get any worse than Eales (at the end) and Pep.
The brand of Oxford UTD is being tarnished not built on!
Players waving the dickens about in public!
HMRC now 3 times in a few months!
Relegation zone!
Players brought in who are terrible and wouldn’t even make it into Peps team!
Manager who doesn’t seem to have a clue,
Blaming players publicly, claiming they’re not his choice of players.
KR is fine when it’s all going well but when it’s not he’s like a five year old!
And if I have to see that stupid smug look he gives when he hears the question which the interviewer has been told to ask! His eyes close up and he makes that stupid slitty smile!
Before he rattles on about how HE did something amazing.
Tiger is out of his league and doesn’t give a crap about OUFC he’s in it for the money and in time we’ll see what that is.
Good post Shaun - Tiger has money - no doubt - but he does NOT have money to spend on Oxford United. Shambles indeed & all very very sad.
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