Home and Away form


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7 Dec 2017
Theres no doubt where we need to improve most next season.
We have been the 7th best team in the Division at home (36 points from 22 games) and the 19th best team away (20 points from 21 games)
After our shocking start to the season, since the middle of October our home record has been W 10 D 3 L 3. 33 points from 16 games is some record.
Our away form has obviously improved massively recently and it’s those fine margins again as only 6 teams have lost less games than us away from home.
Way too many draws this season away from home which I’m sure others could say whether they should have been wins or not! Was it scunny we were 3-0 up against and definitely Burton was another.
Since KR has focused on making us hard to beat, especially away then with our pace we have good counter-attacking players in Jordan Graham, Marcus Browne, Gavin Whyte etc to always maintain a threat. But maybe the solidity of Garbutt has been the key change as his defensive experience (even though he isn't that good as a full back) has added strength at the back but still has the ability and fitness/pace to be a threat going forward. Garbutt can take a pretty good corner and freekick (shooting and crossing) as well which has made a difference in recent weeks. I'd happily have Luke Garbutt back next season if we could as one of our wide options.
I seem to remember uncle Karl saying some time ago that the players didn’t like playing at home.
But this season the home games have brought us so many points. Had our away form been anywhere near that, then we would have run close to promotion.
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