Newton Yellow

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11 Dec 2017
Doomed if this is true. The impact it will have on the window, team and fan base would be terrible.


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6 Dec 2017
We need a robust response from OxVox. Any trust in Tiger must be completely gone now, surely?
I wish Jem was still at the helm even Mark sennet in response to this, it could be fake news but considering the gap between the last two winding up petitions it’s probably true


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24 Jul 2018
Oh blimey. If this is true (I am assuming it is based on the member that posted it) then this is going to take some explaining! How has this happened again after being reassured that everything has been taken care of!?

Tiger is S K I N T ! He had no money at Reading and I fear he’s got even less here. For the first time this season, I am legitimately concerned. I have been able to look past a lot of other things due to blind loyalty but we are in the s**t.

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Fair play, I don't think even Southend failed to pay the tax man 3 times in a row! They usually kept it to just once a year.

I would say Tiger either A; has A LOT of explaining to do or B; just get out of the club now. Either way I can't see this ending well for us.

I would also add that if this is true then maybe it is time to get off Robinson's back quite so much as it is clear all is not well at the club and it appears a lot of it is out of his hands.

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