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HMRC swoop on Lawrence Vigaroux and Lee Power


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6 Dec 2017
HMRC officials were alerted after an eagle-eyed tax inspector noticed that Lawrence Vigaroux had claimed on his tax return for Persil washing powder to clean his playing kit. Realising that his kit hadn't needed washing since OUFC at home last season, they swooped. Other items queried by the Tax Man were five pairs of new gloves despite no evidence of any worn-out pairs apart from two pairs with slight scuffs on the knuckles both after matches against Oxford United.

While HMRC were investigating Vigaroux, they noticed a claim for brasso and duraglite by Lee Power which is now currently under investigation, as Scumdon Town FC have won nothing for years, they even missed out on the award for Shittiest team in EFL Division one 2016/2017 season as they were just too shitty

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