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7 Dec 2017
Is totally off his game atm, cannot understand why Robinson keeps playing him, needs a mini break imho, thoughts?
I thought he had a ready made replacement in Carruthers. A player that Robinson said is the best midfielder in league 1 whos now been fit and ready to play (or so we’ve been told) for the last month. Not really sure what’s going on there.
I'm sure he will get rested with tuesday and saturday games coming up
Yes, I don’t get it, we cannot be carrying players especially at this crucial time.
He has been an important player for us during most of the season however he's definitely been off his game the past few weeks. Give Carruthers or Brown a go.
Ironic that he was probably our most important player in getting out of the soup last season and is probably in the worst form of his life this time around. Another case of KR not seeing the wood for the trees, sadly.
I remember his kid was sick a few weeks ago, hope that is now resolved. Nothing worse than having something like that on your mind.
If his child is still ill and it is having a knock on effect to his playing, he should have a break for a few games.
We have a quandary with Henry.

Top for goals and assists, however, since peterborough, Henry has had a single shot (vs Gillingham). He has also reduced his runs to the box. It could be due to the tactics we deployed, or simply off his game
He would get moaned at for not playing our players and playing loanees instead ?
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