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Local News Helen and Douglas House closing adult services


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5 Dec 2017
Helen and Douglas House will be closing its adult services (Douglas House) from August.

This is really bad and extremely sad news.

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This not good. What is the reasoning behind this?
So sad. I’m guessing this will put more pressure on Sobell House as well. There has to be money out there for this sort of thing, the people who work there are incredible and the poor souls who spend the end of their lives in there deserve more than this.
Sad thing is,their are so many charities now,it;s a tough choice who to give any spare cash to.
In Wantage alone,we have Cancer,Red cross,Save the Children,Minds matter,Shaw trust,H&D even Acacia which supports Children and Communities in Africa.

Just a few million from the Foreign Aid budget could save lots of Charities like these.
Sad news, hopefully donations pick up as I suspect this article/press release is meant to help (which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do).
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