Harry Kane


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13 Dec 2017
Did anyone see the Kane injury today? Why was the keeper not carded? Is it because the ref had blown for offside? Just curious as none of the pundits talked about it and if it was an outfield player I'm sure they would have got a card.


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6 Dec 2017
I was watching (as I tend to in the US) on Telemundo....which means the commentary is in Spanish.

Now I don't speak Spanish (although I'm starting to pick some up, and will have learned plenty I would have thought by the end of the World Cup!) but I'm pretty confident when Kane wandered off down the tunnel, that the commentary roughly translated as "Someone get Southgate on the phone, and tell him that his team's ****ed!"

Which is probably a fair assessment. He's our only world class player, and our best hope of making some noise in the summer.
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