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5 Dec 2017
Various people like to start the matchday thread, and why not. But a lot of you don't always follow the standards so I'll try and explain what we would like to see.
This will help with finding them back once they've been moved to the match threads archive (here) so can we all try to stick to the following standards:

So, when to start a match day thread? Friday for a Saturday k.o., Saturday for a Sunday k.o., and Monday for a Tuesday game. So basically on the day before a match, even 12:01AM will be fine.

Space in thread titles is limited to 60 characters so sometimes you may have to be a little creative

Start and end the title with +++. Add a space after the first +++ and one space before the last +++. If space is limited these spaces may be left out. The +'s identify the thread as the official match day thread, so the words official is not required and match day thread is optional if space permits.

After the starting +++ enter the date of the match as dd/mm/yyyy. this helps to find the thread when searching. If space is limited leave the century (20) out.

Always refer to Oxford United as OUFC to save space. We all know who we are.

Enter the opposition name as full out as possible, and always be polite. Even those down the A420, at least in the title.

Separate the OUFC and the opposition with a v

If the match is not a league match try to find room for the competition eg. FAC 4th or JPT.

This is the required format

+++ 04/05/2019 L1: Luton Town v OUFC MTD +++

+++ 30/1/2016 FAC 4th round: OUFC v Blackburn Rovers MTD+++

+++ 3/10/2015 L1: Accrington Stanley v OUFC MDT +++

I know this is bringing a bit of PC into the forum but please humour an old man and follow these guidelines. Thank you.
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