Great Britain - Ice Hockey World Championships


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8 Dec 2017
As the season is over and your thirst for sport needs quenching, why not have a look over on Freesports (SKY) where they are showing all of Team GB's matches in Ice Hockey World championships, free to air.

It's significant that GB are playing at the top level for the first time in over 20 years. In GB's first matches they've lost to Germany 3-1 and Canada 8-0 but the comparison is that our players could probably cobble together £30k a year earnings, they are competing against players who are on contracts in excess of $10m per year.

Its a huge gulf in level but team GB dont get a penny from any goverment or sporting body, they've got there with hard work and commitment.

They dont give up, they fight for everything and its a historic occasion. With 6 free to watch games to come, why not sit back and watch your country play at a sport you might not normally watch

I did see some of the Canada match and it was a credible result considering the gulf for the reasons you say. Also, saw the highlights of their win that guaranteed their qualification which was good to see.
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An outststanding effort by GB. Fantastic finish by Davies for the 3rd goal. Gave the crowd an enjoyable game to watch and ensured the US knew they were in a game. Before the game if the GB fans were offered 6-3 I reckon they would have taken it so a great result. Superb performance by the keeper.
Weird that a defeat is like a victory but that game, the keeping and scoring 3 goals have done so much to say GB are actually not a laughing stock within World Ice Hockey, its just fantastic.
Just caught up with the France game. What a comeback and the winner in overtime was just fantastic.

Bowns has to be a contender for player of tournament or at least for goalie of the tournament. He won't get it as he isn't in one of the big teams but what I've seen, he has been superb.
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