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Good old Joey

was just reading that on onefootball.
shocking behaviour if true
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And he had the gall to try and run away from the "alleged" crime scene like only a scally would after nicking a car. Joseph Barton, Esq, at his very (alleged) finest.
As I understand it, the judiciary can’t prosecute anyone for just thinking something to oneself.

As such, I think Barton is an absolute Tw@t and a disgrace to the game and should be thrown out of our beautiful sport once and for all.
Just to note - on the pitchside footage, it seemed that the other guy was the original aggressor, and was right up in Barton's face about something, so is not a completely innocent bystander.
As no footage of the tunnel is available to the public at this time, then we have to reserve comment on what exactly happened and how much Barton was provoked into any action he took.

Stangely, I was only thinking the other day how well Barton had done to sink under the radar and get on with the job in hand..
It seems there were words after the sending off, where Barton stewed on the bench for the rest of the match. Then more words were at the final whistle - Barton was allegedly called a scally - and it all kicked off then. We saw Stendel was hardly a charmer when we played them at home, but even so, assault is a bit much.
When you look at his history.............

He served 77 days in prison for common assault and affray after an incident in Liverpool city centre in December 2007.
In 2004 he was fined for stubbing a cigar out in the eye of young team-mate Jamie Tandy at Manchester City's Christmas party. Tandy later sued Barton and won £65,000 in damages.
Barton was also fined after a confrontation with a teenage Everton fan at the team hotel in Bangkok on a pre-season tour in summer 2005.
And in May 2007 he was suspended by Manchester City after a training ground altercation left team-mate Ousmane Dabo needing hospital treatment. He was charged with assault, receiving a four-month suspended jail sentence in July 2008............

There is just no way that he should be allowed in a football ground again, let alone be part of the game. All managers get baited, but you can either give some lip back or ignore it. The last thing you do it attack someone...
So it looks like a couple of affray/assault events within football grounds, plus a couple of football-related violence episodes not within football grounds.
If he was a fan he would be banned from football grounds and have to surrender his passport when England were travelling.
The amount of chances he has had both during his playing and now his management careers is unbelievable, he shouldn't be given another chance but I expect there is always somebody who would employ him :mad::mad::mad:
Reports today that Barton punched and head butted the Barnsley boss knocking two teeth out.

Whether this is true or not, the quote from Fleetwood has disapppiinted me the most. Something like “80% of what has been written is false and the truth will come out in the wash”.

IMO he should be suspended immediately pending results of the investigation. Poor from the club.
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