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From what we've heard, Eastwood will be out for at least 6 weeks, and possibly longer.

KR has said that he'll go into the loan market, suggesting that he does not regard Scott Shearer or Jack Stevens to be of League One standard. Perhaps Shearer having his contract extended as a cheap bench-warmer who could play one or two games if necessary, but not someone who could play more than that in the league?

Stevens having just turned 21 is here to develop, rather than play.

So this injury is a problem.

Jake Kean appears to be the only free agent, having been released by Sheffield Wednesday in the summer. Why is he a free agent and why has he not realised his potential?

If we take a goalkeeper on loan, with another outfield player lined up to come in this week, this'll take us to 6 loans, with 5 only allowed in a match day squad. KR did suggest that this loan will not happen should a keeper come in on loan. Although given the injuries so far this season, having 5 fit on-loan player might be an achievement itself.
Stevens sat on bench in the last 26 league games season before last at 19 years old, play him on Tuesday in Cup game that KR has already said on radio he don’t care about might just surprise everyone.
If your second choice goalkeeper is so bad that you need to loan somebody else in because of one injury, because they can't play half a dozen games, you have to ask why they're here. Especially when they're a vastly experienced pro. It's not like he's only got inexperienced kids and nothing else.


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I'd personally throw Stevens in and save the loan. The kid will learn more in 6 weeks of first team games for us then a season in non league. Fans will back him and the defence will over compensate for him by protecting him more.
But if we lose each game due to him making an error...
I'd rather we got some points on the board and didn't destroy a young lads confidence and possibly career.

But this is all its and buts he could come in and be better than Eastwood.


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We should try and get Freddie Woodman if we are dipping into the loan market. We’ve supposedly been in for him before, he looks decent and it’s not like he’s going to get any game time at Newcastle this season.
Woodman is only four months older than Jack Stevens, and has played a handful over of games in the Scottish Prem only. Scott Shearer has 300+ games in league football.

Really no point in taking on an extra wage for the sheer hell of it.
As good a keeper as Woodman or any of the others are, you're then asking a keeper to come into a squad they don't know and perform for a few weeks. No guarantee they're going to hit the ground running. Remember George Long or Conor Ripley?

Jack Stevens for me. Crowd will certainly be behind him.


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Jack Stevens should play against Coventry and if he does well give him a go on Saturday. As said crowd will be behind him.
Hopefully Simon Eastwood will be back ahead of schedule.
His defence will have to work that bit harder and help the young lad out a bit


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If Stevens isn't going to play then he needs to go out on loan again. Another year of occasionally getting on the bench for us is no help to his development.
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