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General George Thorne

Welcome George. You're at the right club to get your fitness back.
Welcome George, do you still play the ukulele?.....?
Anyone know if there would be an option to extend the loan past January?
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Welcome George. Let's hope you will be a constant thorn in the oppositions side......

I'll get my coat......
If this lad can get fit, with the expansive quick football we play (especially at home on our big pitch) he could tear teams to shreds with his passing.
So the big question is.....how far away is he?

Does he just need a couple of weeks to build up his fitness, and then we should expect to see him in the squad? Perhaps a runout against Millwall or Norwich's kids?
Or are we going to be waiting until October for a sighting?

Not knocking the signing - he seems so good that a calculated risk like this (especially in a position where we already have a lot of depth) is just fine, as long as we're not paying his whole wages.

Just want to temper my expectations!
Looks like a player in the Lundstram mould - bit of a quarterback sitting in front of the back four but with the ability to transition from defence to attack by carrying the ball too. Maybe @Shosho could tell us from his stats?

Do they do a stat for being on the Physio table? ?
I think KR sees Brannagan as a certain starter, Gorrin too when he's not getting booked, and maybe Thorne in there too as a 3 man midfield; if Taylor can hold the ball up as much as we hope then one of these three can get forward in support (Cam I suppose) and then the wingers can go out wide....still got Baptiste to come back, Hanson as a back up for a few positions, this squad is really starting to have some good options now. Exciting!
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