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General Future of the Kassam Stadium?

Its on the City Council plan for housing. FoSB have tried to get it removed from the City Council's housing plan.

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Good to see that Suzie now excepts that a football stadium benefits the local community and is a plus point for housing developments in the area around it.

I look forward to hearing you talk about the positives the new stadium will bring to the town of Kidlington and North Oxford area Suzie 😊

"Planning permission will be granted for residential development, public open space and replacement community and/or sport and leisure facilities, and for commercial uses within the existing area of the Ozone Leisure Park only, on the Kassam Stadium and Ozone Leisure Park site. The football stadium should remain (unless it has been replaced elsewhere in Oxford or in proximity to Oxford). If the Kassam Stadium is replaced elsewhere and that part of the site becomes available for development, the minimum number of homes to be delivered is 275. Other complementary uses will be considered on their merits"
I've heard there will be a pub that Ka$$am says will be called The Golden Goose.
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