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General (FSF) Football related arrests continue to fall

The BBC love a good headline don't they? Stuff to get those concerned people in the home counties all angry
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Two sets of facts. Hate crime within football up, football related arrests down. BBC reported both, accurately. Seems it's not just 'those concerned people in the home counties' who like to get all angry about something.
Its not so much the reporting of facts in the 2 stories, it's the way it's presented that is staggeringly different. The FSF have an extremely positive piece highlighting the continuing decrease in issues and highlighting the comparison of incidents with other large events. The BBC have gone for negative spin and highlighted an increase in hate crime offenses and commenting on a trend for this increasing, whilst not mentioning any trend of overall incidents falling.

I find it interesting that the same set of results can be used to produce 2 pieces drastically different in tone.
There's certainly a tendency for news media - not just the BBC - to go for the shock headline where possible. Just seen an item on the news about Thomas Cook. They are in financial difficulties, but there is hope that investors will inject more cash to save them. On the other hand, 150,000 holidaymakers might lose their vacations if the rescue doesn't work. Guess which scenario got the headline?
It's not just the shock headlines but the negative bad news that is always highlighted.
I think the UK stopped doing football hooligans , around 1996!
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