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FA Cup Forest V Leicester - pre match shennanigans?


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6 Dec 2017
ticketless Leicester 'fans' apparently kicking off in Nottingham pre-match? , rumours re a couple of bars with Sunday afternoon families in a customers smashed up, along with other disturbances and confrontations involving Police and (Leicester) hooligans

nothing 100% confirmed as fact as yet, but it seems 'something (s)' has/ have been going off in Nottingham
earlier mood pre-match won't be improved by Forest going 3-0 up in the first 30 min or so!
It wasn`t a pub "full of Forest" it was families out for Sunday lunch.
Still throw some chairs, claim a "result".... :ROFLMAO:
Don`t reckon you`ll see this face in a ground for a long while.......... which won`t be a bad thing.

Good old social media, and a few might need new front doors as they got an early wake up call....

Imagine having a potential criminal conviction, potential jail time, loss of employment and huge bans from football all because you decided to throw some chairs at the windows of a pub. Idiots, the people that did this.
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