Forest Green New Ground......


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7 Dec 2017

Made of wood.... locals don`t like it......... :unsure: ?
Reading that article - it's true that its made of wood and its also true that the local NIMBYs don't like it. But the two facts are unconnected.
They are worried about the noise (for a couple of hours on 23 days generated by pretty small crowd!), the parking (people might park on the verges rather than pay the £7) and a couple of non-specific items that basically add up to 'we don't want that kind of thing near here'.
I dread to think how long that article would be if we were trying to build a new stadium anywhere near Oxford! I hope it's something we get to read in the near future!

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017
Very green, chopping down thousands of trees to build it!

It is more that they are knocking down an existing ground which is pretty decent and more than good enough for their needs whilst claiming to be the most environmentally friendly football club in the WORLD!
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