General Football's Darkest Secret


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14 Dec 2017
A really difficult watch, and I'm not ashamed to say that it brought me to tears at times. We probably all had dreams to be our footballing heroes, but the idea that those dreams were used to blackmail so many young boys into being abused is sickening.

I'll always remember that as a young prison officer in 1995, I was talking to a prisoner about football and he spoke of his links to Crewe. He told me that Dario Gradi and others were well known for abusing children at the club and I was so surprised and concerned that I spoke with our Police Liaison at the time, but nothing was done. It felt like no one took these concerns seriously, and the power some of these people had at football clubs allowed them to get away with abusing so many boys and young men.

Safeguarding and protection in the game is so much greater now, but I hate to think at how many people have been affected by this and I hope those who have continue to find the strength and support to speak out.
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