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6 Dec 2017
A number of us who live outside the UK have subscribed to iFollow in order to watch the mighty Yellows play (even when they play less than mightily).

Initially we were able to use a work-around (opening two tabs) that allowed us to both watch and listen to the game at the same time. (Yes, for those who don't have to put up with iFollow I know that sounds a little odd...but nonetheless...) They then made that impossible--we can choose to listen without seeing any video or watch without hearing any commentary.

I've written several times, and at least they're responsive, even if unable to actually provide any reason for this problem. (Their earlier "reason" was that the club wasn't allowing it because some fans didn't want to have commentary and video together [the poor souls apparently couldn't find the mute button].) Below I'll quote the last message I received and my response to it.

If you're using iFollow and want anything to change, I think it would help to bombard them with critical messages. So please write to them at

OK...their last message to me:

Dear Jonathan,

Please note that duplicating a tab to have audio over video commentary will appear as if you are logged in twice hence the error message.

Due to broadcasting rules and regulations that iFollow are required to follow, our service has always intended to provide one or the the other and not as a joint a product. If you notice on our subscription plan you will see that live audio and live video commentary are listed as individual items not combined.

As we can appreciate that this was something you were able to do in the past a recent update made to the website has now fix this glitch and going forward this workaround for our customers is no longer doable.

Be rest assured that your comments regarding this matter has been forwarded to EFL so that are aware of our customers feedback.


Rasal, iFollow Suppor

My response:

Dear Rasal,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, although it provides more details of WHY I'm unable to both watch and listen at the same time, it doesn't explain the reason for this most peculiar state of affairs. The statement that "our service has always intended to provide one or the the other and not as a joint a product" merely calls into question the utility of the service. You didn't fix the "glitch" as you term it, you have made your "service" something of a laughing stock. As I mentioned in my previous message, the BBC would be laughed out of every home in the country if it were to make the same odd decision.

Does your business plan include the fanciful notion of deliberately providing a half-arsed service for some time and then increasing the price when graciously allowing customers to do what they should have been able to do from the start?

What I would actually like you to do is to allow the "glitch" to be in operation again. Is there any reasonable reason that somehow prevents you from doing that? Failure to do so will mean a lot of your customers will continue to be unhappy with the service you're providing and who, like me, are highly unlikely to renew the subscription with you.

I look forward to your response,

Just got a reply to my message--they're back to blaming the club. I've written to Chris Williams asking him for his comment.
Although I agree with you that it has no logic to preclude one from the other, it was always stated in the terms of subscription that it would be as ifollow have described. Chris will confirm this.

What really aggravates me is the nonsense that gets spouted by ifollow in response to any enquiry - "the club wants it this way" or "that is a decision of the club".

I cannot but think that the EFL have not thought this all through properly and have allowed a half arsed policy to be implemented without monitoring the implications. Examples: switching off coverage at half time, switching off coverage shortly after the game ends, despite the local radio stations not switching back on internet broadcasting. The incredible time lag is another irritation, granted, the internet causes a 60 second delay but then that is compounded by the transmission being further delayed by the poor technology in use. I get updates via twitter and "Footmob" up to 2 minutes ahead of commentary. If this service is to succeed then much work needs to done.
Why can't they go by IP address?

Seems a backward service.
Anything involving Shaun Harvey is a backward step. Wonder if Leicester U21 will field a £45million team against Oldham in EFL trophy as the prize money is so great now?
Anyone having problems with iFollow during the MK Dons game? I’m managing to get about 5 mins of commentary before it drops out.
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